“In Selling with EASE Chris Murray, for lack of a better phrase – ‘keeps it real.’

He gives you core, tried and true, sales frameworks and shows you exactly how to apply them in the sales process.
Along the way you get coaching on the art of selling; techniques that help you connect with your prospects, gain a deep understanding of their situation, and build solutions that are unique to them.
I love Murray’s frameworks for:
  • Opening sales conversations
  • Asking strategic and artful questions that get below the surface and uncover real problems
  • Connecting problems with solutions so that prospects perceive you to be an expert
  • Adeptly closing the deal by pulling your prospect towards you on their terms
  • Effectively dealing with objections and questions that may be holding you back
Selling with EASE is a handbook that will help you close more deals, advance your career, and build your income.
I call it a handbook because unlike many books that gather dust on your shelves, you’ll carry Selling with EASE in your bag and reference it often. Most importantly, this phenomenal book will become more valuable to you over time as you read the chapters again and again and highlight the pages.”

Jeb Blount – January 2016

Bestselling Author of Fanatical Prospecting and People Buy You